Oregon Senate backs woody biomass as 'green energy'

Oregon Senate Republicans say adding woody biomass as a recognized source of green energy technologies will help reduce carbon emissions and create jobs in rural Oregon. The proposal, Senate Bill 634, passed the Senate Thursday with unanimous bipartisan support.

"We need to reimagine energy policy and modernize it so our regulations reflect it is 2017. We should be leveraging our current resources to achieve the greatest outcomes possible," said Senate Republican Deputy Leader Tim Knopp of Bend. "We can create tremendous impact in rural Oregon too by simply allowing developers to use renewable energy that includes woody biomass."

"Using biomass for energy also supports Oregon's investments in forest health," said Dylan Kruse, Sustainable Northwest policy director. "For many areas of the state, the best energy choice may be biomass, and Senate Bill 634 will make sure this option is on the table."

KTVZ NewsChannel 21 (4/16/17)