Climate Central Activist John Upton Just Perfectly Illustrated Why What We Do Is So Necessary

We started Biomass101 with a simple mission: to ensure that journalists covering biomass issues do so accurately and objectively, and in a way that gives readers a full and fair view of the scientific landscape. We never ask for special or favorable consideration, or for our views to crowd out those who disagree with us. We only ask that readers be presented with all the facts, and decide for themselves which side holds the high ground of credibility.

If you’re wondering why such a project is necessary, look no further than the example of Climate Central activist John Upton, who just went on record advising his fellow reporters to ignore opposing viewpoints on biomass, exclude science that disagrees with your agenda, and hide real scientific debates from readers to present them with a “simpler” (Upton’s own word!) narrative.

Are we surprised by anything Upton says? Sadly, we are not. But we are surprised he’d say it out loud, cataloguing—and endorsing—multiple failures to meet basic journalism standards.

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